Perpendicular Lines

I own a business.

Well I own parts of a business. I have written about this briefly here, but about 18 months ago my business was forced into a hiatus.


The view from 2nd. St. SW looking north, one block from Hwy. 95, in Cambridge, MN.

I spend a lot of time, when I’m not working my other jobs, at the shop I am rebuilding. This winter morning, as the wind blew around the streets, I started to think about perpendicular lines.

Maybe that second hot toddy last night WASN’T a good idea. 

I grabbed my camera and stood in the door way. I tried to capture the snow swirling around the streets, but it was still too dark to do it justice.  It was then I was struck by what little geometry I could remember. I decided to make a right angle from inside the shop to the outside of the shop.

I nearly flunked math in high school, and avoided what I could in college. Except accounting, and I hate accounting.

2013-01-12 07.25.18

Zen The Water Friend.

Now this fire hydrant is sitting outside
the shop. As you step out to the end of the sidewalk, it is at right angle to to the corner of the door. Follow me so far?

Don’t you look at me like that. You sharpen your pencil, get the compass thingy out, and your ruler. I mean business mister/missy!

And the straight line making the right angle, and leading directly back into the shop led me to this stool.

2013-01-12 07.27.44

It’s a stool. Target circa 2005.

OK, so what’s the relationship? Both are circles? Nope, that’s not it. Look at that gnarled up hydrant. It doesn’t know what shape it is.

I can relate to the hydrant. We are one, and from now on I will call the hydrant Zen The Water Friend

I know, the stool is made of wood that burns, and therefore could start a fire in the shop. Zen The Water Friend is key in the assistance of putting out fires. One simply leads to the other.



No, too Monty Python.
You remember?
She’s made of wood
therefore a witch?

Well, anyway, getting back to perpendicular lines. There is no actual physical relationship between the stool and the ZTWF is there? No, but that’s common among the items that touch our lives everyday. The coffee mug we drink out of over the sink in the morning, and the pencils and pens on our desks when we get to work have zero relationship except our fingers. Geometry is about angles. These connections, and where the lines meet, are about the people. To borrow a very trite saying; the human experience.

I’ve put my camera away for now, I think it’s time to concentrate on the people in my life. More than likely at sometime today I, or someone I care about, will sit on that stool or walk past my new red friend. That’s the connection. That’s the angle.

Besides, it’s hard to spoon with a fire hydrant on a cold winter’s eve.

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