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I’ll Never Grow Up–NOT ME.

Peter Pan was an icon in our household. My mother was fascinated by the pixie image. Any sprite charismatic characters who were precocious, bright, and agile were her hero/heroines. This explains her desire to make me into Shirley Temple, but that is for another time. We’re here to talk Peter. Peter was a forever child. He never grew up. He was Puer aeternus. (eternal boy) the Scottish … Read More I’ll Never Grow Up–NOT ME.

Just Another Day

JFK, MLK, and Bobby. Jimi, Janis, and Jim. My Lai,Kent State, and Watergate, Jim Jones, John Lennon, and Ronald Reagan Desert Storm September 11 Wellstone’s Plane My generation is tired of playing the game. Well, I’m tired of playing the game. You know, the one where you sit around with a cocktail and someone says “Where were you when you found out about…….” I … Read More Just Another Day


I’ve been a whole earth tempeh eating pain in the butt for most of my adult life. Minnesota has always sported a huge number of food co-operatives, and I have been a member of three of them, and been employed as produce manager at one of them.  Keeping our environment clean and healthy has always been in the forefront of important issues for me and my family. … Read More Ecopsychology

The Complacent Liberal

I worked in business for 20 years. Safely ensconced at a desk job,I brought my half of the income home and managed that, along with my husband’s half, into a comfortable life. We recycled twice a week, took our vitamins, joined the health club, and didn’t use pesticides on our garden. We bought organic t-shirts and broccoli, I drove a Subaru wagon, and we tried … Read More The Complacent Liberal

Influences I Guess

In the stash of books that I found after my Mother’s death, many checked out of the Minneapolis Library in the 40’s and never returned, was a copy of The Prophet. Kahil Gibran’s set of poetic essays. It was one of the more peculiar finds in my Mother’s library, but as a young 13 year old idealist I read and reread it because it had been … Read More Influences I Guess

Curses-Foiled Again

Taking command of the English language. Using every part of it in our lexicon, much the way you use up your turkey on Thanksgiving. Head to toe; beak to tail, that’s the way we should speak. That is why I love cursing. Inappropriate? Maybe. But I love it, and I have become quite good at it in my lifetime. . At what age do you have to … Read More Curses-Foiled Again

Groucho Wisdom

I just finished Duck Soup. No surprises, I’ve seen it dozens of times. However, I did watch this scene over and over. Laughing out loud each time. The professional criminal politician is timeless. Right? The song is The Laws of My Administration. Here are the lyrics.  Everybody sing. ____________________________ Rufus T. Firefly: These are the laws of my administration No one`s allowed to smoke Or tell … Read More Groucho Wisdom

…….those who have no sense.

No matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the earth. We must not react out of hatred against those who have no sense. ~ John Trudell.   This is a hard one for me right now. John Trudell is a poet, musician, and activist. He has faced some terrible moments in his life. His … Read More …….those who have no sense.

The Moral Compass

My intention was, and still is, to create a space for me to sort out my creativity. I have been a writer, and I will use that term sparingly, for years. But as of late, I have been trailing behind my creative wagon instead of running ahead; pulling it with gusto. I have let life get in the way. My bad. My thoughts today … Read More The Moral Compass

Name-Brand Ketchup.

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