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It’s In The Eyes

I love blue eyes. But I wish I had green eyes. Sinatra, Newman, McQueen all had stunning blue eyes. So did Leon. But I wanted green eyes.  I wanted to be the one that Sugarloaf sang about. I wanted to be the Green Eyed Lady, the wind-swept lady,the child of nature, and the friend of man Instead, I was Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl singing: Sha la … Read More It’s In The Eyes

Leon’s Eyes

I saw him in 1977. My friends and I scored great seats. We were three rows back from the stage in the center. I was a bundle of anticipation. I loved his stuff with Cocker and Delaney and Bonnie. His power as a piano player and rocker was forceful and earthy. When he hit the stage he tore the joint up. I was not disappointed. … Read More Leon’s Eyes

Awwww Frank

I’ve written before that I’m a sucker for romance, and Francis Albert singing one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Bossa Nova songs WITH the song writer Antonio Carlos Jobim accompanying him on guitar; well it melts my heart. I hate that I love romance.  (see previous article if interested) That’s all I have to say. Find your loved one, settle in, and listen. Have a great night.

Six Songs Eh……

I finally caught up reading all my favorite blogs late last night, and three separate bloggers put out the NPR You Are What You Hear challenge.  I was then put to the test. I wasn’t sure I could find a definitive list at first, but late last night, as I was reading, I realized that I did indeed have definitive music. Songs that went to the very core … Read More Six Songs Eh……

Shake and Shimmy Those Shoulders

My friend Greg and I went to college back when you had to crank the Victrola for music. Actually, it was the late 1970’s. There were 8 track players by that time. He went on to a successful career in journalism and education, and now writes a great music blog called Echoes In The Wind.  Check it out. I tell you this because he may have just given me … Read More Shake and Shimmy Those Shoulders

Mr. Jerry Hubbard, When You Were Hot, You Were Hot.

If you know anyone from the upper mid-west  or live there yourself, you are fully aware that today is damn cold. The temperature, as I write this, is 4 degrees with a windchill of -14. I walked several blocks to get to my final destination for the night, and immediately crawled under three blankets, and began drinking hot coffee. My plan is to internally whine the rest … Read More Mr. Jerry Hubbard, When You Were Hot, You Were Hot.

I’ll Be Seeing You

I was thinking today. That aside, I realized that I have acquired a large amount of knowledge over my half-century about music. Not the music of my generation. Oh no, this is about my knowledge of the 30’s and 40’s standards. I remember thinking when I was a teenager that I was a misplaced bobbysoxer from the 1940’s who died in a hideous accident, crushed to death by hundreds of teenage girls … Read More I’ll Be Seeing You

Here We Go Again – Tom Waits For No Man

I’ve written before about my love affair/deep frustration with Tom Waits . He’s an incredible amount of work, but usually worth it. Well this time Rolling Stone made me aware of a collaboration between Tom and Keith Richards. They have teamed up on a version of “Shenandoah” for the upcoming compilation ‘Son of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys’.  Once again I sat down to wade my … Read More Here We Go Again – Tom Waits For No Man

Well, You’re No Robert Preston That’s For Sure!!

There are some things I love to crave. Fortunately, my addictions stem from the mundane.  One is Fritos, those crunch little corn scoops full of fat and salt. I don’t eat them anymore. I will eat the entire bag in minutes; ending in a sad act of gluttony that leaves my mouth coated in grease. It is then sore and rough with salt scrape. That’s my name for it. You … Read More Well, You’re No Robert Preston That’s For Sure!!

My Favorite of a Favorite: The Second Time Around

I go on quests sometimes. I like to think of a favorite song, and then search for my favorite version of it. I’ve done that a couple of times here with Lowe and Behold and Let It Be. I was reminded yesterday of an old Bing Crosby movie from 1960 called High Times. It’s a silly farce about a man in his 50’s who … Read More My Favorite of a Favorite: The Second Time Around

Forty Years Ago…..

I was 15 years old the Christmas of 1972. I had flunked my permit test twice and was about to flunk it three more times (a story I may tell here some day). I was a miserable dark poetry writing teen. I thought my theme song was I Am a Rock by Simon and Garfunkel. (Janis Ian hadn’t recorded At Seventeen yet.) No one … Read More Forty Years Ago…..

Poetry In Music: Helplessly Hoping

I love the simplicity of poetry. Creating an image for the reader with the fewest amount of words is a challenge, and when done well very memorable. Many song lyrics are a form of poetry. Not all are, and please understand I am not saying that is what makes a great song.  But it seems that many of the most unforgettable songs in my life have … Read More Poetry In Music: Helplessly Hoping

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