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An Insomniac’s Toe Jam.

Yes, I am one of the many who have sought counseling. Hell, you run to the doctor for the most minor viral infection. The one that you know for a fact, is the infection that will set the medical community on its ear. You can see it as you sit next to everyone else in the waiting room who is oozing and sighing. They lead you into … Read More An Insomniac’s Toe Jam.

The Rhythm Of Fall

Fall is a time to reevaluate; to slow down and take stock in what you have. Perhaps even plan for what you need. If there is a rhythm to all seasons, then Fall seems to capture the downbeat. Nature teaches us how to become more deliberate in our lives as the Minnesota winter approaches. We may slow down our driving so we don’t hit … Read More The Rhythm Of Fall

Tiny Assets Everywhere: A Journey Through The Sherburne Wildlife Refugee

The movement of the Sherburne Wildlife Refugee is an extraordinary tally sheet of earth’s smallest creatures totaling up to enormous assets. Within that wealth of conservation and preservation, are life’s tiny stories, and the reason for experiencing this slice of natural history that’s constantly writing and rewriting itself as it strives for perfection. I walk to the eagle lookout and stand alone. Squinting my … Read More Tiny Assets Everywhere: A Journey Through The Sherburne Wildlife Refugee

Put The Jar Down!!!

        My son has a theory. This theory involves a jar of human excrement. He calls it The Shit Jar. That is the last time I will type that sentence. Henceforth, we will call it The Jar. Now, in his theory, we carry around The Jar for every single person we know. The size of The Jar is in direct relationship to the length of time we have known them, OR how … Read More Put The Jar Down!!!

If I’d Have Only Gotten A Lousy Decoder Ring.

My closest friend Karen has a Pinterest. If you haven’t experienced Pinterest, it is a way to browse the internet, or other Pinterest followers, find an image or video that appeals to you, and save it to boards that you create. She is an avid Pinner. I did it for a while, but I mostly used it for recipes and music, and have fallen away. My Pinterest passion … Read More If I’d Have Only Gotten A Lousy Decoder Ring.

Summer On The Beach

For a few years my father, mother and I lived at a resort about 60 miles south of Duluth. We lived in a trailer, and I had free reign of the campground, beach, bar, and dance-hall. It was a renegade pre-teen delight. I wasn’t the only kid on the block. We were a nomadic band of ne’er-do-wells, roving the roads, woods, and back buildings from early in … Read More Summer On The Beach

The Gypsy and The Gypsy Wannabe.

I don’t have idols. Idols will let you down, You see, they have one Achilles heel: they are human-beings. What I do have is individuals I immensely respect. Men and women who I have known who have done, or at least tried to do, things of importance. Importance to the world, their community, or maybe they’ve simple made the space around them a happier, gentler place while they walked on the … Read More The Gypsy and The Gypsy Wannabe.

Bitte Baby.

Some movies and television haven’t stood the test of time for me. Laugh In and Animal House come to mind. Both of these were brilliantly written, and made me laugh until tears fell down my cheeks, but now all I can do is watch them with nostalgia. But not Mel Brooks. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched Blazing Saddles, and each time … Read More Bitte Baby.

Some Thoughts Before Sleep.

I’ve been thinking about everything lately. Politics, family, finances, and my own happiness. Every time I think I have the right to feel sorry for myself, it seems that some photo-shopped image comes across my screen and makes me smack the tabletop. Like chain letters, these things are coming at us from all directions, most are self-absorbed tripe. But today these two came up and hit me, first in … Read More Some Thoughts Before Sleep.

Lydia the Tattooed Lady. Trust Me.

The fact is,  in the past year or so I have either given away or put in storage all but a precious few of my personal belongings. I find I miss very few of them, but the ones I do, I long for the way you might covet salted chips with ice cream. OK, so you don’t covet that. I get it. . I guess. Some … Read More Lydia the Tattooed Lady. Trust Me.

Name-Brand Ketchup.

Some things in life need to be top-shelf.


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