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Another Fairy Tale: A Frog And His Pad

Willard was his name, and he had a very nice, but simple life at the edge of the lake. His lily pad was the envy of some, but not all, and that was just the way he liked it. A simple frog, every spring, as he shook off the ice of winter, he would go out on a hunt to make his pad a … Read More Another Fairy Tale: A Frog And His Pad

Humor Has Dignity

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” Bill Cosby I’ve spent some time lately watching old movies. It’s a form of therapy. Now when I say old, you have to understand that I am referring to films made before 1960. Any film I … Read More Humor Has Dignity

Perpendicular Lines

I own a business. Well I own parts of a business. I have written about this briefly here, but about 18 months ago my business was forced into a hiatus. I spend a lot of time, when I’m not working my other jobs, at the shop I am rebuilding. This winter morning, as the wind blew around the streets, I started to think about perpendicular lines. Maybe that second hot toddy last … Read More Perpendicular Lines

If You’ve Ever Been A Facebook Junkie……

I may have found one of my new favorite writers this morning. His name is Dan Kennedy and he is a contributing writer to the website Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. This site is a wonderfully written collection of columns  but this one set me laughing out loud. Give yourself a treat today and take a look at this and other articles on this site. The writing is … Read More If You’ve Ever Been A Facebook Junkie……

On Writing: I Am Typing Until I Have Something

It’s not really writers block, it’s more writer’s recession. I swear to all that is holy, I will put out 600 words today, or I will sleep on he floor tonight.I won’t sleep on the floor, but I will roundly chastise myself in front of friends and family.They always find it amusing, and I do want to make them happy during the holidays. It’s like … Read More On Writing: I Am Typing Until I Have Something

Words And Family Last Forever

Originally posted on My Life As A Slinky:
It’s true. For better and for worse, we carry these two things with us where ever we go. No matter how much we love them, are frustrated by them, or even hate them at times, they always follow us. I don’t fight these two things. In fact, I accept them both in my life with great…

A Fairy Tale For Mid-November

Once upon a time, about 2;30 in the morning, there was an old woman walking the sidewalks of her hometown. The wind was blowing leaves and candy wrappers around her boots, but she only noticed the streetlights lined up like stalks of prairie grass on fire. She walked slowly, her feet sore from hours of standing by the machines that created the widgets she was paid … Read More A Fairy Tale For Mid-November

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